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Debbie O’Neal…the Queen of Die Cuts!

June 8, 2014

Debbie O’Neal is part of the DCC family. Have you checked out her website?
She has some AWESOME die cut information. I like to call her the “Die Cut Queen!” Here’s one of her latest post.
Make sure and hop on over to her site and see all the other great stuff she has been working on.
You can also find her on Facebook!


ce ipad app  cover photo

The much anticipated iPad app for the Cricut Explore has been released.  Yipee!  

Now remember, while you can use your iPad to cut with Cricut Explore there are a few things you need to know:

  • You MUST have the Cricut Explore Wireless Bluetooth Adapter sold separately at retail and online stores.

CE Bluetooth Adapter

  • The Cricut Explore iPad App is ONLY for using with the Cricut Design Space Make It Now Projects. Make It Now Projects are pre-designed projects perfect for the DIYer. They are already sized and ready to cut cut out of a variety of materials.
  • Your iPad MUST have Bluetooth capabilities…*iPad® 2 and newer; iOS7 and newer
  • If you have a Bluetooth adapter on your computer that is already paired with your Cricut Explore, you MUST disable it when you want to use with your iPad.  (This is just a simple disable step that you can then enable when you want to go back to using your computer Bluetooth so no worries there)

Lets see how you get the app and do a test cut to show you how the Cricut iPad App works.

1. To find the app you need to go to the APP Store on your iPad and search for Cricut.  The app you want to download is the DIY Projects – Make It Now with Cricut Explore App (click this link to take you there).  Follow the usual process for downloading an app for your iPad.

ipad app search

2. Find the DIY Projects – Make It Now with Cricut Explore App on your iPad.  It is the cute green Cricut Bug Head.

cricut icon on ipad

3.  Click the Cricut app to open it up. Now you will see the opening screen for Make It Now Projects in Cricut Design Space that you cut with your Cricut Explore machine.

Make it Now App open

4. Across the top of the screen is a menu bar. If you click on the 3 horizontal lines it will open up the project categories. Note that there are currently (as of 6/5/2014) 433 Make It Now Projects Available.


5.  I selected the FREE category to select a project to show you. I picked the Thank You Card since I had already made that and wanted to compare the process using the iPad app and using my computer.

Free Project screen

6.  Select the project you want to use and double click on it. It will open up project description just like it does in Cricut Design Space using your computer. To make the project, you click on the  upper right green Make It Now link.  (If the project costs money, it will show you that and open up a way for you to purchase.)

thank you card

7. The project opens up and you see the Make It Now Project laid out automatically on the screen. A few things to notice here. *The arrows next to project name allow you to change the order of the mats which is nice. (However, once I changed it I could not get it to reverse the order). * Next to the words Project copies: you can enter the number of projects you want to make. * Next to MIRROR (for iron on) is a toggle switch to turn on and off.

Project on mat

8. * Where it says Material Size, if you click on that pointer arrow, it opens up a sizing list.  ( I am assuming that some of these odd sizes are for material sizes used in other countries.)

material size

9. Tap on the larger mat to the right to open the mat and get ready to cut.

Project on mat

10. The first Mat opens up and at the lower right is the GO button. Click on that to start cutting process.

Mat 1

11. The normal Cutting Screen Opens up to prompt you to use LOAD, SET Smart Set Dial and GO button on your Cricut Explore machine. Follow along as you normally would with using your computer to cut out your project. The Cricut Explore button will light up as usual to prompt you.

cut screen

12. The iPad app even prompts you to put in the accessory you need for your project…a PEN or Score Tool.

Prompt for accessory

13. Here is the finished Thank You Card project. It cut out just like it would have from my computer with Cricut Explore and the Make It Now Projects.

completed thank you card

Now for my observations of the Cricut iPad App for Make It Now Projects:


  • It is super easy to use !
  • Glad to see it still prompts you to put in the accessory tool needed (pen or score tool)
  • The process worked really quickly as I progressed through each step
  • Easy purchase process if you select a project you need to pay for instead of the FREE ones


  • It does NOT have the option to Customize the Make It Now Project like it would if you used your computer with Cricut Design Space.
  • It requires me to disable my computer Bluetooth adapter to be able to link it with my iPad…this is just a slight hassle but worth mentioning. (It could be a limit of the Bluetooth technology and not Cricut related.) 

Overall opinion: I think it would be fun for those without computers to be able to cut the Make It Now Projects that are focused on DIY Projects but other than that, I see no real purpose for those of us with computers that are using Cricut Design Space with our Cricut Explore machine. Great job Provo Craft on getting this out there and easy to use !

Note:  At the present time, Provo Craft has not announced if the app will be made available for android devices.  Or if you will ever be able to use other Cricut images to cut besides the Make It Now Projects.

Join us over at Lets Learn Cricut Explore Facebook group (click on link to go there) as we have fun sharing and learning more about Cricut Explore.

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